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2010 Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports for Jean-Maurice Duplessis, Director of Operations until December 2010

Travel Expenses

Date Purpose Cost
2010-11-09 to 2010-11-10 To attend a meeting on the Rights and Democracy on behalf of the Minister $522.61
2010-10-10 to 2010-10-23 Accompany the Minister to the United Nation Security Council campaign, Canonization of Brother André and bilateral visits $18,864.84
2010-10-07 to 2010-10-08 Accompany the Minister in preperation for the United Nations Security Council vote $2,148.72
2010-09-20 to 2010-09-27 Accompany the Minister to the United Nations General Assembly $3,200.85
2010-09-06 to 2010-09-08 Accompany the Minister to various meetings $325.20
2010-01-21 to 2010-01-26 Accompnay MINA to Montreal to Chair the Conference for the Reconstruction of Haiti $424.28
Total: $25,486.50

Hospitality Expenses

Date Description Cost
2010-01-21 Dinner - Foreign Affairs and Government issues $135.08
Total: $135.08


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