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2011 Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports for Hon. John Baird, Minister until February 2015

Travel Expenses

Date Purpose Cost
2011-12-03 to 2011-12-11 To attend the Summit on the Future of Afghanistan, bilateral meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Israel and Australia; bilateral meeting with the Afghan Women's Council and Afghanistan's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. Attend the 18th Ministerial Meeting of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. To attend meetings with Prime Minister Harper and US President Obama. Meetings and events at the Canadian Embassy. $10,685.11
2011-11-16 to 2011-11-23 To attend the Sir Bani Yas Forum in Abu Dhabi. Travel to Kuwait to attend the Deauville Partnership Meeting, the 8th Forum for the Future - G8 Broader Middle East and North Africa Ministers' Meeting. Bilateral meetings with the Foreign Minister of Kuwait, with the Foreign Minister of Italy, with the Amir of Kuwait and with the Prime Minister of Kuwait. Participate in a roundtable with Women's groups and Kuwait MP. $7,426.80
2011-11-09 to 2011-11-14 Travel to Honolulu to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation Ministerial meeting, the High Level Dialogue on Disaster Resilliency, High Policy Dialogue on Open Governance and Economic Growth, bilateral meetings with Russia, Thailand, the Philippines, China, Chile and Peru, and attend the APEC Business Advisory Council Conference. $3,293.49
2011-10-22 to 2011-10-30 To attend the Commonwealth and Developing Small States Foreign Ministers' meetin, the Commonwealth Business Forum, Speech to the Canadian Mining community, attend the Pre-Commonwealth Heads of Government Foreign Ministers' Meeting, attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, bilateral meetings with 10 countries, meeting with the Commonwealth Secretariat and meeting with CARICOM. $19,448.95
2011-10-09 to 2011-10-12 Meeting with the Holy See on the Office of Religious Freedom. Travelled to Tripoli for meeting with Dr. Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Chair of the National Transitional Council, Opeing of the Canadian Embassy and meeting with staff. Meeting with Dr. Hania al-Gamaty, Deputy Minister of Social Affairs of Libya. Participate in a Roundtable Discussion with Libyan women Activists. Bilateral meeting with His Excellency Dr. Ali Tarhouni, Minister of Finance and Oil of Libya. Meeting with Canadian Business Leaders. $6,063.55
2011-09-20 to 2011-09-27 Attend the United Nations General Assembly. High level meeting on Libya. Meeting with His Excellency Mr. Guido Westerwelle, Vice-Chancellor and MFA of Germany. G8 -Deauville Partnership Foreign Ministers' Meeting. Bilateral meeting with Mr. Jonas Gahr Store, MFA Norway. Bilateral with H.E. Dr. uri Rosenthal, MFA Netherlands. New York Stock Exchange - Business Roundtable. NPDI Ministerial Meeting and Press Conference. Global Terrorism Forum Launch. Ministerial meeting on the Silk Road Initiative (Afghanistan). Commonwealth Foreign Ministers Meeting. Bilateral with His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahya, MFa UAE. Bilateral with H.E. Mr. Yerzhan Kazykhanov, MFA Kazakstan. Bilateral with Her Excellency Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar, MFA Pakistan. Bilateral with his Excellency Mr. Kamalesh Sharma, Sec Gen of the Commonwealth. Bilater meeting with H.E. Mr. Pham Binh Minh, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Republic of VietNam. Bilateral with H.E. Mr. Nasser Judeth, MFA Jordan. Bilateral with H.E. Mr. Alfredo Moreno, MFA of Chile. Bilateral with the Troika of the Rio Group. Bilateral with H.E. Mohamed Mouldi Kefi, MFA of Tunisia. Speech at the United Nationsl General Assembly. $7,931.85
2011-09-09 to 2011-09-10 To deliver a speech at the Calgary chamber of Commerce. to participate in a roundtable entitled "Engaging Canada's Energy Business Sector" $2,415.95
2011-08-31 to 2011-09-03 Travel with the Prime Minister for briefing with Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard, Royal Canadian Airforce. Meeting and speech with Canadian Forces at Trapani Air Base. Meeting with British Foreign Secretary. Attend Friends of Libya meeting with Prime Minister. Meetings with the National Transitional Council. Meeting with the Aga Khan. Meeting with the Australian Special Envoy for the Commonwealth and Sri Lanka. Meeting with the Minister of State for External Affairs of India. $3,006.69
2011-08-07 to 2011-08-16 Accompany Prime Minister to the Americas, participate in joint meetings. Meeting with Minister of External Relations of Brazil, meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, meeting with Minister of Foreign Relations of Honduras. Bilateral meeting with Secretary Espinosa. $2,425.39
2011-08-03 to 2011-08-05 Meetings & briefings: American Ambassador, Canadian Embassy Council on Foreign Relations, U.S. Secretary of State, Canadian American Business Council, Center for Strategic & International Studies, American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, Syrian democracy activists, National Security Adviso, Editorial board Washington Post & Media interviews. $3,310.77
2011-07-21 to 2011-07-24 To attend the ASEAN Conference $9,056.56
2011-07-13 to 2011-07-21 To attend the Libya Contact Group meeting, bilateral meetings in Beijing and Shanghai. $12,104.47
2011-06-29 to 2011-06-30 To deliver a speech at the Canada-China Business Council with the objective to improve Foreign Relations and strengthen business tile between Canada and China followed by a press conference and roundtable. Meeting at Minister's Regional Office with Bruce Power CEO Duncan Hawthorne regarding international nuclear developments with respect to the Fukushimaa Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. Meeting at the Minister's Regional Office with MPP Cheri DiNovo regarding Tibetan refugees in Nepal. Speech in the evening to the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (who represent Canadian companies abroad). $999.43
2011-06-24 to 2011-06-28 Meeting with Lt. Gen. Charles Boucher and Embassy officials to discuss Canada's role in Libya. Meeting with James Fox, Canadian Ambassador to Italy to discuss Libya and bilateral relations with Italy and Ms Anne Leahy, Ambassador of Canada to the Holy See to discuss bilateral relations and religious freedom. Meeting with Dr. Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Interim President National Transitional Council, in Benghazi Libya and members of the NTC followed by media to discuss Canada's involvement in Libya. Address to Canadian Forces Troops at Trapani Air Force Base to acknowledge their contributions and discuss there contribution to the mission. Meeting with Italian Foreign Affairs Minister Franco Frattini, to discuss bilateral relations. Press conference at the Canadian Embassy to debrief on trip to Libya. Award presentation plus meet and greet Embassy staff at the Canadian Embassy in Italy in order to show support for our Minister and to the staff between both countries. $8,375.54
2011-06-17 to 2011-06-18 To attend meetings with the business community, Foreign Affairs lunch and attend the Munk Debate $1,134.17
2011-05-25 to 2011-05-28 To attend the G8 Summit $6,155.12
Total: $103,833.84

Hospitality Expenses

Date Description Cost
2011-11-02 Lunch - Foreign Affairs and Government issues $253.23
2011-09-06 Lunch - Foreign Affairs and Government issues $80.58
2011-08-02 Lunch - Foreign Affairs and Government issues $157.84
2011-07-16 Dinner - Foreign Affairs and Government issues $174.32
2011-07-05 Dinner - Foreign Affairs and Government issues $957.09
2011-06-24 Refreshments - Foreign Affairs and Government issues $47.17
Total: $1,670.23


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