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2004 Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports for Savik Sidhu, Special Assistant-Western Desk

Travel Expenses

Date Purpose Cost
2004-11-09 to 2004-11-15 Travel to Vancouver and Victoria for Regional meetings $841.65
2004-11-08 to 2004-11-09 To accompany Minister to Canada-India Business Council Annual Corporate Diwali Dinner $409.46
2004-10-12 to 2004-10-14 Accompany Minister to Vancouver for a speaking engagement at the Asia-Pacific Foundation Summit $1,061.08
Total: $2,312.19

Hospitality Expenses

Date Description Cost
2004-11-22 Dinner - International trade issues $140.79
2004-10-14 Breakfast - International trade issues $49.01
Total: $189.80


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