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2011 Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports for Hon. Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade

Travel Expenses

Date Purpose Cost
2011-12-08 to 2011-12-18 Bilaterals in Germany (Berlin, Dusseldorf), France (Paris) and World Trade Organization Ministerial conference in Geneva $14,099.13
2011-11-24 to 2011-11-28 Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Round Table, meeting with British Columbia Minister and Port Metro Van in Vancouver $6,699.34
2011-11-17 to 2011-11-18 Announcement Country of Origin Labelling and stakeholders meeting in Calgary $6,841.69
2011-11-01 to 2011-11-14 Visit to New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Republic of India and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in Honolulu, Hawaii $10,569.29
2011-10-23 to 2011-10-31 Delivered keynote address at the Greater Toronto marketing Alliance luncheon, stakeholder meetings; Vancouver to deliver keynote at Vancouver Board of Trade and attend stakeholder meetings $6,310.56
2011-10-17 to 2011-10-18 Meeting to promote Canada-US trade and defend Canadian Interests $3,196.25
2011-10-06 to 2011-10-17 Meeting with counterparts in China $15,399.83
2011-09-29 to 2011-10-04 Trade related mission, science and technology related, Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement signature event $19,109.15
2011-09-23 to 2011-09-25 Invest in Canada meetings in New York $3,681.84
2011-09-14 to 2011-09-15 Event, roundtable and stakeholder meetings in Halifax. Routable and stakeholder meetings in Charlottetown. Stakeholder meetings and announcements in Vancouver $1,675.65
2011-09-09 to 2011-09-09 Meeting in Castlegar, British Columbia to attend Federation of Canadian Municipalities Annual General Meeting $526.19
2011-08-30 to 2011-08-31 Attended event, roundtable and meetings $627.03
2011-08-15 to 2011-08-17 Toronto - Delivered Keynote speech and participated in roundtable and stakeholder meetings. Montreal - Participated in announcement and roundtable meeting $1,752.01
2011-08-07 to 2011-08-12 Trade mission $801.24
2011-08-02 to 2011-08-03 Attended event and roundtable $2,677.36
2011-07-26 to 2011-07-28 Returned to Ottawa to attend committee meetings and briefings $1,462.51
2011-07-13 to 2011-07-14 Participated in Asia Pacific roundtable and met with provincial counterparts and stakeholders $290.38
2011-07-06 to 2011-07-10 Toronto - participated in Roundtable and events. Calgary - met with key stakeholders $4,885.91
2011-06-22 to 2011-06-30 Participated in bilateral meetings with counterparts, officials, & business representatives $12,098.38
2011-06-17 to 2011-06-17 Participated in Panamanian Investment Mission and bilateral/luncheon with Panamanian vice president $571.97
2011-06-07 to 2011-06-09 Met with the Business Council of British Columbia and the Indian High Commissioner $6,378.31
Total: $119,654.02

Hospitality Expenses

No expenses to report


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