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2013 Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports for Ian Burney, Assistant Deputy Minister, Trade Policy and Negotiations

Travel Expenses

Date Purpose Cost
2013-12-11 to 2013-12-12 To attend meetings in Detroit with the auto industry to advance Canada-Korea FTA negotiations. $1,449.44
2013-12-03 to 2013-12-03 To attend meetings in Toronto to advance Canada-Korea FTA negotiations realted to the auto industry. $566.23
2013-11-23 to 2013-11-30 To participate in round 14 of the Canada-Korea negotiations. $7,260.67
2013-10-27 to 2013-10-31 To attend meetings with Korea counterparts to advance Canada-Korea FTA negotiations. $6,659.40
2013-09-25 to 2013-09-25 To attend a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the United Nation General Assembly in New York. $1,342.30
2013-09-19 to 2013-09-20 To attend meetings with USTR officials and key representatives from the automotive industry to discuss FTA negotiations. $1,825.76
2013-07-07 to 2013-07-11 Round of Negotiation with Japan $9,635.50
2013-06-24 to 2013-06-26 Attend meetings in Washington to advance negotiations towards a Free Trade Agreement with Korea. $1,660.61
2013-01-21 to 2013-01-25 Canada-Korea FTA Negotiation Session $6,124.06
Total: $36,523.97

Hospitality Expenses

Date Description Cost
2013-11-14 Nov 12 Refreshments PM Nov 13 Breakfast/Refreshments AM/Lunch/Refreshments PM/Dinner Nov 14 Refreshments AM/Lunch/Refreshements PM - Trade Promotion $3,432.14
2013-10-27 Oct 27 Dinner Oct 28 Refreshments AM and PM Oct 29 Refreshments AM and PM / Lunch Oct 30 Refreshments AM and PM - Trade Promotion $4,155.56
Total: $7,587.70


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