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2004 Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports for Claude Carrière, Minister (Economic) and Deputy Head of Mission, United States (Washington D.C.)

Travel Expenses

Date Purpose Cost
2004-09-13 to 2004-09-14 Meeting with Canada-US Border Alliance $881.74
2004-03-10 to 2004-03-13 Negociations with Brazil on Airplanes $5,254.48
2004-01-31 to 2004-02-07 Trade Negotiations Committee meeting $3,247.30
Total: $9,383.52

Hospitality Expenses

Date Description Cost
2004-11-22 Lunch with Staffers - Supporting Bi-lateral Relations $208.44
2004-11-10 Luncheon on Canada-U.S. bilateral trade and economic issues - Trade Promotion $691.92
2004-10-20 Luncheon for the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) Reliability Workshop - Supporting Bi-lateral Relations $1,631.80
2004-10-20 Luncheon in honour of Mr. Phil Ventura, Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, PCO - Supporting Bi-lateral Relations $807.41
2004-09-13 Reception for the participants of the CAN/AM Border Trade Alliance Washington Conference - Trade Promotion $2,007.10
2004-02-18 Dinner on the occasion of the 10th Round of Canada-Central America Four Free Trade Negotiations $964.61
Total: $6,311.28


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