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2017 Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports for Hon. François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of International Trade until July 2018

Travel Expenses

Date Purpose Cost
2017-12-02 to 2017-12-08 To China for trade promotion, bilateral meetings and discussions, and to support the Prime Minister's visit. $6,963.33
2017-11-28 to 2017-11-30 To Saskatoon and Toronto to deliver a keynote address re: expanding, trade with China and other meetings & roundtable discussions to consult with stakeholders re: trade with Asia. $2,397.57
2017-11-23 to 2017-11-24 To Montreal for the Montreal Chamber of Commerce's conference, and for a roundtable discussion with les entrepreneurs de l'Institut d'entrepreneuriat Banque Nationale re: trade. $303.27
2017-11-05 to 2017-11-20 To Vietnam for APEC Ministerial & CPTPP discussions; to India for Canadian MDTI trade mission, and other bilateral meetings & events; to United Arab Emirates for trade-promotion meetings & events. $16,251.85
2017-10-24 to 2017-10-25 To Montreal for an announcement re: Fall Economic Statement. $279.46
2017-10-17 to 2017-10-17 To Montreal for an announcement with Minister Morneau re: the Fall Economic Statement; to Toronto for an event with the Canada-India Business Council. $753.62
2017-10-07 to 2017-10-13 To Morocco for the WTO Mini-Ministerial meetings, and additional bilateral meetings & events; to Mexico to accompany the Prime Minister and for other bilateral meetings & events. $8,884.32
2017-09-24 to 2017-09-25 To Fredericton for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM, and to Toronto for the Alibaba Fair and other meetings and events. $1,590.17
2017-09-20 to 2017-09-22 To Montreal and Toronto for an announcement promoting CETA's provisional application and to deliver an address to the Canada-China Business Council and other meetings & events. $1,627.74
2017-09-14 to 2017-09-15 To Montreal for CETA promotion, meeting with the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, and other meetings and events. $299.92
2017-09-11 to 2017-09-13 To St-John's, NL, for Cabinet retreat. $2,198.27
2017-08-30 to 2017-08-30 To Quebec City for announcement re: the creation of a Free Trade Zone Centre. $9.00
2017-08-27 to 2017-08-30 To Prince Rupert for the opening of the PRPA Fairview Expansion Terminal, and for meetings, events, and to consult with stakeholders re: expanding trade with the Asia-Pacific region. $3,317.66
2017-08-21 to 2017-08-24 Travel to Gaspé, Montreal and Quebec City for CETA promotion and other meetings and events. $1,921.55
2017-08-16 to 2017-08-17 To Sherbrooke, QC for meetings and events to promote CETA. $259.36
2017-08-14 to 2017-08-16 To Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for CETA promotion announcements, meetings, and events. $1,302.59
2017-08-08 to 2017-08-10 To Toronto for CETA promotion, China and Mercosur consultation, and other meetings and events. $1,477.61
2017-07-11 to 2017-07-13 To Ottawa for Cabinet and other meetings. $1,027.35
2017-07-03 to 2017-07-04 To New Brunswick for CETA promotion meetings, events and announcements re: Atlantic Trade; Investment Growth Agreement. $1,100.09
2017-06-27 to 2017-06-30 To attend the Summit of the Pacific Alliance, the Pacific Alliance Ministerial Council meetings, and other bilateral meetings and events in Colombia. $5,191.92
2017-06-17 to 2017-06-21 Attend the 'Salon International de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace' and meetings in Paris and the 'International Forum of Women and Trade' in Brussels. $12,778.81
2017-06-15 to 2017-06-17 To Cincinnati, OH, for meetings with local officials and stakeholders re: Canada-US trade. $3,133.34
2017-06-13 to 2017-06-14 To attend the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary. $2,220.83
2017-06-06 to 2017-06-09 Attend the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting, Paris France $9,675.99
2017-05-28 to 2017-05-31 To lead a Canadian Trade Mission delegation (Milan, Rome) for events and bilateral meetings to connect Canadian businesses with potential customers, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders in Italy. As part of the Prime Minister’s delegation to the G7 Summit (Rome). $3,442.96
2017-05-18 to 2017-05-28 To attend: APEC Ministerial Meeting (Vietnam), CommunicAsia (Singapore), ASGUM Agritech summit (Tokyo); to attend bilateral meetings with officials and stakeholders, and to promote softwood lumber to new and expanding markets. $16,563.32
2017-05-17 to 2017-05-17 To attend a roundtable discussion and bilateral meetings with executives and stakeholders from eBay Canada. $1,479.45
2017-05-04 to 2017-05-05 Originally scheduled to attend announcement re: Development Finance Institution Canada, and to attend bilateral meetings. Trip was canceled one day prior due to Parliamentary commitments in Ottawa $206.96
2017-04-26 to 2017-04-27 To attend a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of the Qatar Investment Authority. $193.76
2017-04-20 to 2017-04-26 "To lead a delegation of Canadian Softwood Lumber representatives and associations (representing, Canada, BC, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick) throughout China to participate in trade and stakeholder meetings and events for the purpose of securing new and expanded markets for Canadian Softwood Lumber exports. To participate in events and bilateral meetings with stakeholders and officials re: international education, softwood lumber, and to attend the 2017 China Green Companies Summit. " $10,848.42
2017-03-30 to 2017-03-30 Attend the Innovation Budget Announcement in Montreal and other ministerial announcements in Grand-Mère $0.00
2017-03-23 to 2017-03-24 Travel to Quebec city to meet Chamber of Commerce and conduct other meetings and events re: Budget 2017. $408.07
2017-03-12 to 2017-03-18 To attend the Pacific Alliance High-Level Dialogue on Integration Initiatives in Asia Pacific in Viña del Mar, and to attend bilateral meetings in Santiago, Chile, Mexico City and Monterrey. $14,716.79
2017-03-08 to 2017-03-11 Attend the Commonwealth Inaugural Trade Ministers Meeting in London, UK $8,728.89
2017-03-06 to 2017-03-08 To attend the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada Convention in Toronto and the Canola Oil Council in Winnipeg. $1,175.16
2017-02-27 to 2017-03-06 Attend Gulfood in Dubai, UAE and bilateral meetings in UAE, Qatar and India $13,186.53
2017-02-14 to 2017-02-24 Attend vote for CETA in Strasbourg, bilateral meetings in Germany and Latvia and attend the Australia-Canada Economic Leadership Forum in Sydney. $16,617.70
2017-02-12 to 2017-02-13 Attend WestJet announcement in Montreal. $254.31
2017-01-21 to 2017-01-25 Attend the Cabinet Retreat in Calgary. $1,641.93
2017-01-16 to 2017-01-21 To attend the World Economic Forum $9,824.04
Total: $184,253.91

Hospitality Expenses

No expenses to report


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