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2018 Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports for Hon. François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of International Trade until July 2018

Travel Expenses

Date Purpose Cost
2018-07-07 to 2018-07-09 Travel to Calgary to attend the Calgary Stampede and Stampede Investment Forum for trade promotion and investment opportunities by way of speaking engagements, events and targeted bilateral meetings. $2,206.33
2018-07-03 to 2018-07-06 Travel throughout the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region in Quebec for trade promotion and consultation, focusing on forestry and mining sectors. $2,015.76
2018-06-26 to 2018-06-29 Travel in Quebec for trade promotion (CETA, CPTPP), bilateral meetings and industry consultations re: expanding (Mercosur, Pacific Alliance) with a focus on mining, forestry and aluminium sectors. $1,825.96
2018-06-20 to 2018-06-22 Travel to Windsor and Detroit to lead the Business Women in International Trade (BWIT) trade mission, to promote supplier diversity to U.S. Fortune 500 companies, and other meetings and events re: investment and trade promotion. $1,819.87
2018-06-12 to 2018-06-13 Travel to Montreal to attend the Conférence de Montréal as well as other meetings and events. $273.70
2018-06-06 to 2018-06-10 Travel to Turin Italy to attend Bilderburg Meeting and for other bilateral meetings to promote CETA and FDI attractions. $10,821.94
2018-06-03 to 2018-06-04 Travel to Montreal for G7 Aluminium Summit and for other meetings. $252.86
2018-05-29 to 2018-06-03 Attend the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in Paris, France $9,940.29
2018-05-28 to 2018-05-29 Travel to Montreal and Toronto for official CIFTA signing as well as attend other meetings and events with regards to the Israeli official visit. $748.68
2018-05-24 to 2018-05-25 Travel to Toronto to attend the Business Excellence Awards with the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario and to host a round-table discussion re: investment attraction as well as to attend the opening of Samsung's new facility in Canada. $1,050.29
2018-05-22 to 2018-05-23 Travel to Montreal to participate in C2 conference, and for round-table consultations re: FDI attraction. $323.06
2018-05-19 to 2018-05-21 Travel to Cleveland, Ohio, to build support for trade, particularly the positive approach to modernizing NAFTA, engaging in bilateral meetings, public events and related investment meetings and to give the commencement speech and receive an honorary doctorate degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law. $1,374.86
2018-05-03 to 2018-05-04 Travel to Kingston to attend the official inauguration of the Frulact Plant with Portuguese Prime Minister Costa and to further support the visit in Toronto with Prime Minister Trudeau as well as for other bilateral meetings & events. $881.05
2018-04-14 to 2018-04-18 Travel to Paris, France with the Prime Minister to lead a trade mission with a focus on artificial intelligence (A.I.) and clean technologies, to promote the Canada-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) via bilateral meetings and other discussions. $8,796.88
2018-04-09 to 2018-04-12 Travel to Manitoba (Winnipeg) for trade promotion, bilateral meetings and consultations re: expanding trade (CPTPP, Mercosur, CETA, China) with industry representatives from the aerospace, agriculture, agriculture manufacturing, and other industries. $2,316.36
2018-04-05 to 2018-04-06 Travel to Quebec City for the B7 Business Summit Conference as well as for trade promotion, other bilateral meetings and discussions. $473.61
2018-04-02 to 2018-04-04 Travel to Boisbriand & St-Jean sur Richelieu to promote trade with various stakeholders, participate in roundtable discussions and for other meetings and events. $489.28
2018-03-20 to 2018-03-26 To attend the Canada-ASEAN Business Council and the Trilateral Commission in Singapore, and bilateral meetings in Hong Kong. $9,304.90
2018-03-12 to 2018-03-16 To Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver for events surrounding the launch of Invest in Canada, to Vancouver to attend GLOBE and for trade consultations re: Mercosur, CPTPP, China. $3,061.61
2018-03-06 to 2018-03-10 To Santiago for the signing of CPTPP and to Paraguay to launch Mercosur trade negotiations and for other meetings and events. $14,241.06
2018-02-19 to 2018-02-23 To Calgary, Regina and St John's for consultations re: CPTPP, Mercosur, China and to promote trade opportunities. $2,925.23
2018-02-08 to 2018-02-09 To Toronto to attend the Toronto Region Board of Trade's Annual Dinner, for a round table consultation with the Canadian Council of the Americas & other events. $1,109.28
2018-01-28 to 2018-01-31 To Munich to attend Atlantik-Brücke, the Business Council of Canada AGM, and other bilateral meetings & events to promote FDI and the ratification of CETA. $9,810.83
2018-01-21 to 2018-01-25 To Montreal for NAFTA consultations & other meetings and events; to Toronto, Oakville and Burlington for announcements, consultations, and meetings re: CPTPP. $2,684.11
2018-01-18 to 2018-01-18 Flight home following Ministerial travel to Ottawa for announcement and events surrounding the creation of the CSR ombudsperson. $392.28
2018-01-10 to 2018-01-13 To London, ON for winter Cabinet retreat/meetings. $1,456.01
2017-12-08 to 2018-01-02 To Argentina for the WTO Ministerial Conference and other meetings and events; to Uruguay for Mercosur and other bilateral discussions, and for other meetings and events. $12,199.65
Total: $102,795.74

Hospitality Expenses

No expenses to report


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