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2022 Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports for Alex Corbeil, Special Assistant, Parliamentary Affairs and Regional Affairs (Québec) until August 2018

Travel Expenses

Date Purpose Cost
2022-08-01 to 2022-08-07 To provide direct support the Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business, and Economic Development at the ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting in Cambodia, including overseeing all ministerial briefings, ensuring logistics, and coordinating media. $7,665.48
2022-03-09 to 2022-03-18 To provide support to the Minister while taking stakeholder meetings and participating in events in India, Israel & West Bank. $7,712.76
2022-02-06 to 2022-02-07 Staffing Minister Ng for a virtual committee appearance (CIIT). $1,283.65
Total: $16,661.89

Hospitality Expenses

No expenses to report


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