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2018 Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports for Philippe Rheault, Senior Policy Advisor

Travel Expenses

Date Purpose Cost
2018-11-09 to 2018-11-20 Travel to China to support the Minister to co-chair the Canada-China Economic and Financial Security Dialogue (EFSD) in Beijing, with Minister Morneau, attend the Canada China Business Council (CCBC) and related meetings. $3,192.34
2018-10-15 to 2018-10-16 Travel with the Minister to Toronto for the Fortune Global Forum to support the Prime Minister and engage in a program of bilateral meetings on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). $806.03
2018-09-27 to 2018-09-27 Travel with Minister to Montreal to meet with his Hong Kong counterpart to promote Canada and Hong Kong trade and investment. $138.08
2018-08-26 to 2018-09-05 Travel with the Minister to Bangkok and Singapore to support him in bilateral programs, with a focus on trade investment promotion and diversification, and to attend the Canada-ASEAN Economic Ministers Annual Meeting in Singapore. $11,582.62
2018-07-09 to 2018-07-09 Travel with Minister to Montreal to attend the Australia-Canada Economic Leadership Forum. $232.00
2018-06-12 to 2018-06-13 Travel to Montreal to assist the Minister at the Conference de Montreal as well as other meetings and events. $283.70
2018-03-20 to 2018-03-26 To support Minister Champagne at the Canada-ASEAN Business Council and the Trilateral Commission in Singapore, and at bilateral meetings in Hong Kong. $10,884.52
2018-03-02 to 2018-03-06 To attend ABLAC and to support PST at the PDAC Conference in Toronto. $1,464.44
2018-01-24 to 2018-01-25 To Toronto to support the Minister at a bilateral meeting with Song Tao, senior Chinese official. $1,238.83
Total: $29,822.56

Hospitality Expenses

No expenses to report


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