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2018 Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports for Hon. James Gordon Carr, Minister of International Trade Diversification

Travel Expenses

Date Purpose Cost
2018-12-17 to 2018-12-18 Travel to Edmonton to announce commercial financial support from Export Development Canada for Canada's oil and gas sector at the NAIT Innovation Centre. $1,011.45
2018-12-11 to 2018-12-12 Travel to Toronto to speak at the International Economic Forum of the Americas. $1,266.77
2018-12-05 to 2018-12-06 Travel to Vancouver and Richmond to promote the Fall Economic Statement and trade diversification, give a keynote address to the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade and conduct a round-table with SMEs. $1,676.96
2018-11-26 to 2018-11-29 Travel to Winnipeg, Edmonton and Saskatoon to promote the Fall Economic Statement and trade diversification. $3,337.36
2018-11-09 to 2018-11-16 Travel to China to co-chair the Canada-China Economic and Financial Security Dialogue (EFSD) in Beijing, with Minister Morneau, attend the Canada China Business Council (CCBC) and related meetings. Travel with the Prime Minister to Singapore to attend ASEAN/East Asia Summit, meet business leaders and participate in a seminar as part of the Singapore FinTech Festival to support Canadian small and medium sized businesses in Asia. $18,886.09
2018-11-05 to 2018-11-05 Travel to Toronto to promote trade diversification to the Toronto Region Board of Trade, media and community groups interested in the Asian marketplace. $1,087.67
2018-11-01 to 2018-11-01 Travel to Churchill Manitoba to support the Prime Minister in announcing the completion of repairs to the Hudson’s Bay Rail Line, and to announce Churchill Regional Economic Development Investments. $19.85
2018-10-26 to 2018-10-27 Travel to Regina for meetings and events on trade diversification with Minister Freeland and Minister Goodale. $1,280.74
2018-10-23 to 2018-10-23 Travel to Winnipeg Manitoba to announce the government's plan to put a price on pollution at Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex, University of Winnipeg. $1,157.66
2018-10-15 to 2018-10-16 Travel to Toronto for the Fortune Global Forum to support the Prime Minister and engage in a program of bilateral meetings on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). $732.52
2018-10-04 to 2018-10-04 Travel to Toronto to visit the Wuxly Facility to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of CETA and give a speech at the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce to highlight export opportunities for Canadian businesses and to promote Mercosur. $1,000.97
2018-09-24 to 2018-09-28 Travel to New York City for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) High Level Week to attend bilateral meetings and events. Travel to Montreal to co-chair the CETA Joint Committee Meeting with EU counterpart and to meet with Hong Kong counterpart to promote Canada and Hong Kong trade and investment. $3,457.32
2018-08-27 to 2018-09-07 Travel to Bangkok and Singapore for bilateral programs, with a focus on trade investment promotion and diversification, and to attend the Canada-ASEAN Economic Ministers Annual Meeting in Singapore as well as travel to Israel and the West Bank to promote bilateral trade and the modernized Canada Israel Free Trade Agreement. $15,331.55
2018-08-20 to 2018-08-24 Travel to Kelowna to attend meetings for trade promotion and investment attraction focusing on AI & aerospace sectors, and for meetings with the wine industry. Travel to Nanaimo B.C. for summer Cabinet retreat and meetings. $2,314.67
2018-08-14 to 2018-08-16 Travel to Philadelphia for Canada-US advocacy, to attend meetings and events regarding NAFTA and to lead the LGBTQ2 trade mission. $2,794.96
2018-08-12 to 2018-08-12 Travel to Ottawa for transition briefings and meetings. $616.74
2018-07-24 to 2018-07-26 To Mexico with Minister Freeland & Minister Morneau to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto, President-Elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and other Mexican Ministers and Ministers-elect. $3,804.04
2018-07-18 to 2018-07-18 Travel to Winnipeg following cabinet swearing-in. $804.70
Total: $60,582.02

Hospitality Expenses

No expenses to report


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