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Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee - Trust - Overview
Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust
2013-04-01 - 2017-12-31
Country / region • Developing countries, unspecified (100.00%)
Sector • Health, General
Health policy and administrative management (12110) (5.00%)
• Health, General
Medical education/training (12181) (10.00%)
• Health, General
Medical research (12182) (5.00%)
• Health, General
Medical services (12191) (20.00%)
• Basic Health
Basic nutrition (12240) (2.50%)
• Basic Health
Infectious disease control (12250) (10.00%)
• Basic Health
Health education (12261) (5.00%)
• Water And Sanitation
Basic sanitation (14032) (1.50%)
• Water And Sanitation
Education and training in water supply and sanitation (14081) (5.00%)
• Unallocated/ Unspecified
Sectors not specified (99810) (36.00%)
Policy marker • Gender equality (significant objective)
• Environmental sustainability (cross-cutting) (not targeted)
• Participatory development and good governance (not targeted)
• Trade development (not targeted)
• Biodiversity (not targeted)
• Climate change mitigation (not targeted)
• Climate Change Adaptation (not targeted)
• Urban issues (not targeted)
• Desertification (not targeted)
• Children's issues (not targeted)
• Youth Issues (significant objective)
• Disability (principal objective)
• Indigenous Issues (not targeted)
• ICT as a tool for development (not targeted)
Description and results


This project aims to work with strategic partners to fund a limited number of innovative, compelling initiatives that make a tangible difference in people’s lives. The main program of the Trust is ending avoidable blindness. Ninety per cent of the world’s visually impaired people live in developing countries where eye health services are hugely inadequate. Investing in preventing blindness helps millions of people across the poorest Commonwealth countries to keep their sight or have it restored, and enjoy increased prosperity and a better quality of life. The Trust also focuses on promoting youth leadership across the Commonwealth. Commonwealth countries and their private sectors are making financial contributions to the Trust, which celebrates the Queen's 60-year contribution to the Commonwealth and to a life of public service

Expected results

The expected intermediate outcomes for this project include: (1) significant reduction in avoidable blindness across the Commonwealth; and (2) reduced prevalence of blinding trachoma, diabetic retinopathy (DR) and Retinopathy of Prematurity (RoP) in targeted areas of the Commonwealth.



Original budget $0
Planned Disbursement $0
Country Percentages by Sector
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Related information

Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee - Trust - Related information
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