Project profile — Inspiring Action - Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC)


Ontario Council for International Cooperation (CA-CRA_ACR-3133217513)
2019-05-15 - 2026-04-30
Global Affairs Canada
KFM Intl Dev Partnerships & Operations

Country / region 

• Developing countries, unspecified (100.00%)


• Unallocated/ Unspecified: Promotion of development awareness (99820) (100.00%)

Policy marker 

• Gender equality (significant objective)
• Environmental sustainability (cross-cutting) (significant objective)
• Participatory development and good governance (not targeted)
• Trade development (not targeted)
• Biodiversity (not targeted)
• Climate change mitigation (not targeted)
• Climate Change Adaptation (not targeted)
• Urban issues (not targeted)
• Desertification (not targeted)
• Children's issues (not targeted)
• Youth Issues (not targeted)
• Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR) (not targeted)
• Indigenous Issues (not targeted)
• Disability (not targeted)
• Nutrition (not targeted)
• ICT as a tool for development (not targeted)


The “Inspiring Action for Global Citizenship” Program aims to promote awareness of global issues among the Canadian public and relevant stakeholders across Canada. The Program is implemented by eight provincial and regional councils for international cooperation in their respective province or region. Through its project, the Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC) seeks to increase the engagement of both the public and the stakeholders in Ontario. More specifically, it aims to involve more Ontarian individuals, in particular youth, in international development by increasing their support for and participation in Canada's efforts to eradicate poverty in the world. This translates into a variety of integrated communication activities, such as the celebration of International Development Week, the organization of public information sessions and the development of publications. The project also seeks to improve the capacity of Ontario civil society organizations working in international development to maximize their results, though diverse knowledge-sharing initiatives, including workshops, webinars and trainings.

Expected results 

Expected results: (1) Increased engagement of Canadians, especially youth, in international development and key global issues in support of Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy action areas and the Sustainable Development Goals; and (2) Increased effectiveness of Canadian development partners to deliver innovative, inclusive programming that advances gender equality in support of Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy action areas and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Results achieved 

Results achieved as of March 2023 include: (1) 83% of surveyed participants in public engagement indicated a change in their awareness of intersectionality or gender equality; (2) 79% of surveyed participants in public engagement activities indicated having taken action on global issues after participating in a public engagement activity; and (3) built the capacity of 24 organizations indicated integrating a new approach to gender equality outcomes into their project design.

Budget and spending 

Original budget $0
Planned disbursement $563,935
Transaction Date Type Value
29-04-2024 Disbursement $209,072
Country percentages by sector
Type of finance Aid grant excluding debt reorganisation
Collaboration type Bilateral
Type of aid Development awareness
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