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Support to COVID-19 Response in Latin America and the Caribbean - Overview
PAHO - Pan American Health Organization (47083)
2020-05-29 - 2021-08-01
Country / region • El Salvador (4.34%)
• Belize (4.34%)
• Grenada (4.34%)
• Haiti (4.34%)
• Bolivia (4.34%)
• Bahamas (4.34%)
• Saint Lucia (4.34%)
• Saint Kitts And Nevis (4.34%)
• Jamaica (4.34%)
• Suriname (4.34%)
• Cuba (4.52%)
• Dominica (4.34%)
• Guyana (4.34%)
• Barbados (4.34%)
• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines (4.34%)
• Trinidad And Tobago (4.34%)
• Peru (4.34%)
• Guatemala (4.34%)
• Colombia (4.34%)
• Paraguay (4.34%)
• Honduras (4.34%)
• Antigua And Barbuda (4.34%)
• Ecuador (4.34%)
Sector • Health, General
Health policy and administrative management (12110) (33.33%)
• Health, General
Medical services (12191) (33.33%)
• Basic Health
Infectious disease control (12250) (33.34%)
Policy marker • Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (RMNCH) (significant objective)
• Gender equality (significant objective)
Description and results


The project aims to decrease coronavirus (COVID-19) related mortality and morbidity of populations, especially for those experiencing marginalization and/or vulnerability in targeted Latin America and the Caribbean countries. Project activities include: (1) ensuring equitable distribution of personal protective equipment for occupational health and safety of health care workers; (2) providing training to health care workers on up-to-date COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment; and (3) providing technical assistance for national COVID-19 testing and surveillance systems to governments.

Expected results

The expected outcomes for this project include: (1) enhanced coordination and efficiency of national and regional response operations on COVID-19; (2) decreased human-to-human transmission, including reducing secondary infections among close contacts and healthcare workers, and preventing transmission amplification events; (3) effective and early identification, isolation, and care for patients early, including providing optimized care for infected patients; and (4) improved communication of critical risk and event information to all communities, and counter misinformation.



Original budget $7,500,000
Planned Disbursement $7,500,000
Transaction Date Type Value
29-05-2020 Commitment $7,500,000
01-06-2020 Disbursement $7,500,000
Country Percentages by Sector
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Related information

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