Project profile — My Voice, My Health: Improving the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents in Senegal


Canadian Crossroads International (CA-CRA_ACR-3129814570)
2019-03-26 - 2024-03-31
Global Affairs Canada
KFM Intl Dev Partnerships & Operations

Country / region 

• Senegal (100.00%)


• Population policy and administrative management:
Population policy and administrative management (13010) (25.00%)
Reproductive health care (13020) (15.00%)
Family planning (13030) (10.00%)
Personnel development for population and reproductive health (13081) (15.00%)
• Government And Civil Society, General: Ending violence against women and girls (15180) (35.00%)

Policy marker 

• Gender equality (principal objective)
• Environmental sustainability (cross-cutting) (not targeted)
• Participatory development and good governance (not targeted)
• Trade development (not targeted)
• Biodiversity (not targeted)
• Climate change mitigation (not targeted)
• Climate Change Adaptation (not targeted)
• Urban issues (not targeted)
• Desertification (not targeted)
• Children's issues (not targeted)
• Youth Issues (significant objective)
• Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR) (not targeted)
• Indigenous Issues (not targeted)
• Disability (not targeted)
• Nutrition (not targeted)
• ICT as a tool for development (not targeted)


The project seeks to improve the accessibility, quality and use of sexual and reproductive health services for adolescent girls and boys in the Kédougou region of Senegal. Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) education is central to this project’s approach in order to provide young people, especially young girls, with the tools they need to protect themselves against sexual and sexist violence, including female genital mutilation. Project activities include: (1) carrying out activities to raise public awareness among parents, local elected officials, and traditional and religious leaders; (2) carrying out community information activities and targeted training activities for adolescent girls and boys in the communities and schools; (3) conducting advocacy campaigns aimed at government bodies, with the support of civil society organizations. The anticipated number of direct beneficiaries is 30,000 adolescents aged 10 to 19 years (50 percent of them girls), and the number of indirect beneficiaries is 75,000 (50 percent of them women and girls). To implement this initiative, two organizations—Crossroads International and ActionAid International Senegal—along with two local partners—the Association pour la Promotion de la Femme Sénégalaise (APROFES) and the Coalition Nationale des Associations et ONG en Faveur de l’Enfant (CONAFE)—will use their extensive experience in the area of protecting women’s and girls’ rights in Senegal and reducing gender-based violence and sexual and sexist violence.

Expected results 

The expected results of this project include: (1) improved delivery of gender-sensitive sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) services for adolescent girls and boys in Kédougou, Senegal; (2) increased use of gender-sensitive SRHR services for adolescent girls and boys in Kédougou, Senegal; (3) greater consideration given by the government and civil society to the SRHR issues of women and adolescent girls in Kédougou, Senegal.

Results achieved 

Results to March 2023 include: (1) 18,263 people, including 14,675 women and 3,588 teenagers, have used family planning alone or with their partner; (2) 74,717 people, including 41,004 women and 33,213 teenagers, have a positive perception of accessibility to health and rights services; (3) sexual and reproductive health and rights training for 95 women from sexual and reproductive health and rights facilities. This represents 90% of the staff. The training enabled them to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge of gender-sensitive sexual and reproductive health and rights. The training also covers safe waste management; (4) 37 health facilities have educational materials and sexual and reproductive health and rights kits adapted to the needs of adolescents; (5) 69,497 duty bearers, including 47,633 women, trained during the project's awareness-raising activities who report a positive perception of the use of sexual and reproductive health and rights services by adolescents.

Budget and spending 

Original budget $0
Planned disbursement $0
Transaction Date Type Value
15-06-2023 Disbursement $33,523
15-06-2023 Disbursement $842,514
29-11-2023 Disbursement $592,514
Country percentages by sector
Type of finance Aid grant excluding debt reorganisation
Collaboration type Bilateral
Type of aid Project-type interventions
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