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Canada's Assistance to Education in Mozambique IV (FASE) - Overview
Government of Mozambique - Ministry of Education and Culture
2009-03-02 - 2018-03-31
Country / region • Mozambique (100.00%)
Sector • Education, Level Unspecified
Education policy and administrative management (11110) (25.00%)
• Education, Level Unspecified
Education facilities and training (11120) (25.00%)
• Education, Level Unspecified
Teacher training (11130) (15.00%)
• Education, Level Unspecified
Educational research (11182) (1.00%)
• Basic Education
Primary education (11220) (19.00%)
• Basic Education
Basic life skills for youth and adults (11230) (5.00%)
• Secondary Education
Secondary education (11320) (5.00%)
• Post-Secondary Education
Higher education (11420) (5.00%)
Policy marker • Gender equality (significant objective)
• Environmental sustainability (cross-cutting) (not targeted)
• Participatory development and good governance (not targeted)
• Trade development (not targeted)
• Biodiversity (not targeted)
• Climate change mitigation (not targeted)
• Climate Change Adaptation (not targeted)
• Urban issues (not targeted)
• Desertification (not targeted)
• Children's issues (principal objective)
• Youth Issues (principal objective)
• Indigenous Issues (not targeted)
• Disability (not targeted)
• ICT as a tool for development (not targeted)
Description and results


This project aims to reduce the absolute poverty of Mozambican women, men, girls and boys by improving access to quality education. The project represents Canada's contribution to Mozambique’s Education Sector Support Fund, a pooled fund involving collaboration between ten bilateral and multilateral partners and the Government of Mozambique’s Ministry of Education. The pooled fund focuses on a number of issues identified in the Government of Mozambique's Strategic Plan for Education including: access to and quality of education, and improving the institutional capacity of Mozambique's education sector at the central, provincial, district, and school levels. The Strategic Plan for Education involves eight distinct sub-sectors: (i) primary education; (ii) secondary education; (iii) technical and vocational education; (iv) higher education (post-secondary); (v) literacy and adult education; (vi) administrative and institutional development; (vii) school construction; and (viii) cross-cutting themes, such as gender equality, school health and HIV/AIDS, school production and feeding, and school sports.

Results achieved

Results achieved as of December 2013 include: (i) the student-teacher ratio went from 1:74 in 2005 to 1:63; (ii) the gross enrolment rate in secondary education (eighth grade) is 48%, up from 21.4% in 2005; (iii) the enrolment rate of six-year olds in grade one increased from 69.7% in 2011 to 77% (75% girls) in 2013; and (iv) the Ministry of Education implemented multi-year planning in 2012 to improve planning and financial management and progress is being noted with respect to planning and financial management. These have contributed to increased enrolment at all levels and improved delivery of education in Mozambique resulting in Mozambican boys and girls receiving a better quality education that improves their chances of escaping absolute poverty.



Original budget $0
Planned Disbursement $0
Country Percentages by Sector
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